Play the Popular Solitaire Games for Free

Love playing solitaire? You are in the right place! The online version of this game has four parts: the tableau, the foundations, the stock, and the discard. Let's read them in brief:

  • The tableau consists of seven rows with the first row containing one card, second row with two cards, and so on. The top solitaire card in every row is faced up.
  • The foundation stack is empty; you have to set the four aces (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs) as the base.
  • The stock contains the remaining cards that are required during the play.
  • The discard or waste pile shows up the cards from the stock pile that are not there in the tableau.

Rank of cards

The Solitaire game ranks the card in the deck as K to A, where K is the highest and A is the lowest.

How to play solitaire online?

Playing solitaire is not rocket science; all it requires is to have an individual the basic knowledge of cards. Before you learn how to play this amazing game, you should know what the object of this game is. Solitaire's main aim is to use up all the cards available in the deck by playing them. For this, you have to release and position the cards in sequence and suit, right from the Ace to the King.

Make the right move from stock to waste, waste to the foundation, waste to a tableau, foundation to the tableau, and others, as required. To win the game, make sure all the cards are there in the foundation with the highest card face up or on the top.

Hit the play button right away and see where you stand among other online solitaire players across the world!