How to play the card game Solitaire online?

How to play the card game Solitaire online?

Are you bored of playing those violent and aggressive games and want to shift back to your favorite card game, Solitaire?

Well, you would be glad to know that you can now play Solitaire online, which requires nothing but an internet connection. But before you start playing free online Solitaire games, how about learning its rules?
This article is all about that. By providing the step-by-step instructions for playing solitaire, our main motive is to help every individual, either the beginner or the one who is playing the game after ages, to play Solitaire like a pro.

Solitaire Card Game Rules:-

All standard Solitaire games are played with one 52-card pack. Moreover, there are four different types of piles in this game. These are:

1. The Tableau- It consists of the seven piles, which make up the main table.

2. The Foundations- Foundations include the four piles (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds) where you need to build the complete sequence of the cards with A (lowest card) at the bottom and K (Highest card) on the top.

3. The Stock- Also known as Hand pile, the Stock contains all those remaining cards that do not get laid out in the Tableau, when the game starts. You can just click the Stock to view and use the card in the game. The Stock is available in the top-left corner of the game.

4. The Talon- This Waste pile displays the cards that are there in the Stock.

To play the game, you can make four acceptable moves, which includes moving the card from the Stock to Waste, Waste to Foundations, Waste to Tableau, and one pile to the other in the Tableau. For the last move, i.e., from one pile to the other, make sure the card you are placing in some other pile is of different color and is of a lower rank.

To understand this rule, let’s take an example. For instance- the 6 of spade can be placed in a pile with 7 either of diamonds or hearts, on the top. You can pick two, three or any number of cards arranged in a sequence (Facing up from the lower to the higher rank card).

How to Beat Online Solitaire?

First of all, try to arrange the piles in the Tableau by moving cards from one pile to the other. Certain cards in the Tableau can be transferred only if you remove the blocking card. Keep moving the cards in the Tableau, till possible. If there is no card left that can be moved, then open the Stock and pick a suitable card from the Waste. Drag and drop the cards from the Waste to the Foundations or the Tableau to arrange them in a sequence.

Four Foundations are the final destinations of the card. In other words, in every Foundations, you have to arrange cards of spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs from A to K. Keep arranging the cards and place them in the right position in the Foundations. Complete the game by making as less moves as you can in the shortest time possible to win the game.
Like the Spider solitaire online, standard Solitaire is also about competing with yourself and beating your own records or top scores. Play now and have fun unlimited!


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